My passion for editing stems from my strong desire to make a difference in the world, in my community, and in people's lives. I'm especially drawn to opportunities in which I can tell stories of those people who often don't have the means to make their voices heard. I feel privileged and honored whenever I can help relate these tales to a broader audience, and it's something that I never take lightly. Though technology may allow us to do things more quickly, more easily, and more efficiently, the art of the story is still at the heart of what I do. I love taking visual elements and creating a story out of them – finding the perfect shot or the perfect moment to piece together a narrative that can make people laugh, cry, think, or simply be entertained.
Partial Editing Credit List
Harpo Productions | ABC | OWN
"The Oprah Winfrey Show"
"Oprah's Primetime Special: Christmas At The White House"
"Oprah's Primetime Oscar Special"
"Super Soul Sunday" | Multiple Episodes
"Oprah's Next Chapter" | Series Editor
"Iyanla Fix My Life" | Series Editor
"Oprah's Where are They Now" | Multiple Episodes
"Wanda Sykes Presents: Herlarious"
"Oprah's LifeClass" | Multiple Episodes
The Rosie Reality Show | Series Editor
A&E’s Biography
"Robert Duvall: Acting Apostle"
"Mario Puzo: Father of the Godfather"
"Chris Farley: Reckless Laughter"
"Peter Sutcliff: Yorkshire Ripper"
"John List: To Save Their Souls
A&E’s American Justice
"Barry Winchell: A Soldier’s Secret"
"Anastasia Solovieva: Mail Order Murder"
"Clarence Elkins: Update What the Girl Saw"
"Bruce Moilanen: Deer Hunting Murders"
"John List: To Save Their Souls"
"The Scott Peterson Trial"
History Channel’s Conspiracy? & Nature’s Fury
"Princess Diana"
"Area 51"
"Violent Earth: New England’s Killer Hurricane"
National Geographic
"Inside 9/11
"Perilous Journeys-Into the Lost Jungle"
Weather Channel’s Storm Stories
"Manchester Tornado"
"Houston Flash Flood"
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